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since 1948

Who We Are:

Hilldale School is an academically accelerated, family-oriented, Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade private preparatory school nestled against San Bruno Mountain in Daly City. It is nonsectarian and co-educational, and is dedicated to the full development of the individual student in preparation for the challenges of higher education and life. As a non-religious school, Hilldale welcomes students of all races, religions, and national or ethnic origins. Families come in many variations, and Hilldale School welcomes all.

We are Hilldale

Accreditation & Membership

Hilldale is accredited through the National Independent Private School Association (NIPSA). Hilldale is a member of the Independent Schools of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Bay Area Directors of Admission.


Founded in 1948 as the Kindergarten through fourth grade “Hill-Dale Primary,” Hilldale seeks to provide our culturally diverse student body with unique and innovative opportunities for learning in a small, family-oriented environment. Our non-traditional school facility, which consists of three houses, fosters the intimacy of a nurturing home-school experience, while providing a quality accelerated education for bright and gifted students.


Our academic program is made lively and stimulating by our staff of highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers, most of whom are credentialed, several with Masters degrees. We provide a strong academic foundation, as well as cultural, aesthetic, and enrichment opportunities, which we believe are important in a balanced education. In addition, there is always something fun going on at Hilldale! Check out our calendar and newsletter pages to see…
Small classes, with teacher to student ratios of no more than 1:18 allow close teacher-student interaction and support. A challenging academic environment encourages each student to actively participate and excel. Best of all, because our classes are small, we are able to differentiate our studies, especially in Mathematics and Language Arts, to allow for faster progression by those students who need and desire further acceleration.
The current population of students is made up of the following ethnic breakdown: Russian/Caucasian – 31%, Multiple Ethnicities – 28%,  Asian – 25%, Caucasian/Non-Russian – 15%, and Hispanic – 1%. 


Hilldale Graduates

We have been very pleased by the opportunities our Eighth Grade students are being afforded. Overall, students are accepted to their top choices and many are awarded honors, advanced placement, and academic scholarships! One recent graduate was asked to skip Freshman year completely and two other recent graduates were invited to graduate early due to academic performance. We have students attending independent private schools, Catholic schools, and specialty public schools (such as Lowell & SOTA) depending on the choice of the students and the financial situation of their parents. Recent graduates have attended and been accepted to: Lick-Wilmerding High School; University High School; Lowell High School; SF Waldorf High School; Archbishop Riordan; St. Ignatius; Urban High School; International High School; Crystal Springs Uplands; Convent of the Sacred Heart; Sacred Heart Cathedral; Mercy, Burlingame; and Jewish Community School of the Bay. 

We believe that if you compare our educational offerings and value to others in this area, you will understand that our Pinnacle Schools education is far superior and will better prepare your child for success in a competitive world. Check out our quick “Right Choice” overview below; click on testimonials (to the right) to learn what our parents and students think of the school; check out our ACT Scores (below – most recent testing was 2019, prior to pandemic); then call us for a tour at 844-358-1940.


195-Day Extended Year Schedule

We are proud of our 195-day schedule! We are addressing the U.S. Department of Education’s concerns about America’s lagging test scores head-on, not by teaching to the test, as so many schools do, but by continuing our development of a world-class education for bright and gifted students and for motivated above-average children. Our program will also help to address the concerns of many families with two working parents about finding good and not-too-expensive academic summer programs for their young children during the long summer down-time. Hilldale is a family-oriented, affordable school with a well-rounded program that aims to provide hands-on connections and relevancy as well as true academic excellence, critical thinking, and leadership skills. We have high academic and social expectations and outstanding teachers and support staff. Compare us – You won’t find a better value!


Quick Facts

  • Hilldale’s K-8 academics, small class sizes, and tuition value are among the best in the area – We invite you to compare!
  • Hilldale includes the before- and after-school care from 7:30 – 6:00 in the tuition, making it easier and more affordable than other schools that charge hefty additional fees.
  • Hilldale challenges bright students and allows them to advance if they are ready.
  • Hilldale School has a 30-day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE for new students!
  • Financial aid is available on a first come first served basis. Call the school for details.

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Telephone: 844-358-1940

School Hours: M-F: 8:30am - 3:30PM

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