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Welcome to Hilldale Private School. We are excited to share our campus life and activities with you. We are offering student assessments for 1/2 off for your child when you take a tour of our campus. You will get an exclusive look at our campus, classrooms, meet with some of our staff and have the opportunity to get any of your questions answered. Give us a call to get started!

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Founded in 1948 (in Daly City and close to San Francisco) , Hilldale School has become the best San Francisco private school to participate in an accelerated learning environment.  From Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, students receive a balanced and challenging curriculum  to bring out the best in every student.  By combining highly qualified teachers, small class sizes, academic excellence, affordable tuition, and a superior learning environment, this private elementary school is the private school of choice in and around Daly City.

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We understand the importance of listening to the needs of both students as well as the parents. Communication between parents and teachers is key to a child’s overall success, and at Hilldale School we encourage a partnership fostered by communication and active listening. Before and after school, or by email, our teachers and administration are available to address questions and concerns. We strive for an open forum in which everyone can be heard. Listen to real parents give real stories and testimonials of why Hilldale School is the choice for their child. See what makes Hilldale Private School of San Francisco stand apart from the rest!