Student Testimonials

“If I could go back ten years and change what elementary and middle school I went to, I wouldn’t. I started at Hilldale in Kindergarten and went all the way until I graduated from Eighth Grade in 2011. I don’t think I could have been any more prepared for high school than I was. Yes, it was a big change going from having eight people in my Eighth Grade class to one hundred twenty-eight in my freshman class at Mercy High School, Burlingame, but what I learned at Hilldale really helped me become an independent and successful high school student throughout all of freshman year and sophomore year so far. I made so many new friends, and I’ve met so many truly amazing people. I can go nowhere but up from here, and it’s all thanks to what I learned back at Hilldale. The family-like bond I have with with people in the school can’t ever be broken, and even though I’m in high school, I still jump at opportunities to come back and visit.
Amanjot, 2011 Graduate

“I feel comfortable at Hilldale. I love my friends and my teachers.”

“I love my school. We learn a lot of things and we have fun. I have a lot of friends. I like my teacher – He’s cool. I want to stay at Hilldale!”

“I like Hilldale because of Spanish.”
Kai, 1st Grade

“I like Hilldale because the teachers give a lot of detail when they teach us. I also like Hilldale because we have a homework club so we can play at home.”
Eva, 1st Grade

“Hilldale is a nice place because the teachers are so nice to us.”
Marco, 1st Grade

“I love Hilldale because of the activities we have, like the Halloween Carnival… I learn a lot! I think a lot! I get good grades! I enjoy!”

“I love Hilldale because the kids are really kind to me. Hilldale is the best school I’ve ever been to!”
Owen, 2nd Grade

“The reason I like Hilldale is because it feels like home to me… It makes me feel happy!”
Lia Marie, 3rd Grade

“I love Hilldale because they have a lot of cool workshops, like playing the piano, and because we have a swimming pool.”
Jesus, 3rd Grade

“I love Hilldale because we always do things a grade higher than we are supposed to… and because we celebrate almost every holiday there is.”
Mark, 3rd Grade

“I enjoy writing poems on a green field across from Hilldale. I enjoy the fact that the teachers are close to the students… I wish I could stay at Hilldale forever!”
Houston, 6th Grade

“The playground is big and allows you to use your imagination!”
Kristofer, 6th Grade

“Hilldale isn’t really like just a bunch of kids. It’s more like a huge family where everyone knows each other… I feel very at home when I am at school.”
Ivan, 6th Grade